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Jurassic Park

Good grief, it's been 10 years since Jurassic Park was released. I saw it the day it was released. I was at uni at the time and saw it on the first morning. I'm now watching it again for the first time in years.

If it hadn't been for that movie, this web page very well may not exist. There's a whole story behind it here. The movie influenced the major I took at uni, which led me to the people I met and the career I ended up in.

It wasn't even that great a movie. I enjoyed the book more. I actually read the book in a day and a half the same day my mid-year 2nd year exams finished in 1993. But watching the movie has brought back all sorts of memories.

Another thing I did was write a review on all the reviews on the movie for a "general studies" subject. So I did all sorts of reading about the movie and all the associated stories on genetics, and taped and watched at least a dozen different documentaries and specials. Fun times :)


richard said:

Good grief! 10 years? I feel old all of a sudden. It seems like only yesterday...

October 18, 2003 8:15 AM


kazza said:

Tell me about it!
It's frightening how fast time is racing by these days. And apparently it only gets worse as you get older.

October 18, 2003 2:31 PM


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