I've just spent all night in the Viridian room

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This morning Sami sent a link to a puzzle hi, Luc and Jake had been playing - http://www.fasco-csc.com/. I did the crimson room at work with only a couple of small hints from the guys that had solved it.

So tonight, way past my bedtime already, I sat down to do the Viridian room. Of course once you start you can't stop! I got a decent way of the way through it, but was completely stuck in a couple of places. So google to the rescue (lazy laces wrote an entry way back in april that turned into a huge support forum). A couple of the things - like the combination to the bike lock (unnecessary??) and purpose of the hair I *never* would have gotten on my own. Not to mention hints on the final layout of the clues.

So alas, it's 12:20 and I have to be up at six. Going to be a long painful day again tomorrow I can tell. But my boss still hasn't replied to his emails, so I'll just have to pick something at random to occupy myself with (and not the blue room! heh)

ps.. another cool game striker sent me months ago - samorost


Rooster said:

Thanks for having me enthralled with that game for almost an hour... I found myself clicking and clicking and clicking. =D

September 23, 2004 12:50 AM


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