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Two years ago today we had a little bit of an explore of Heidelberg before heading back to Frankfurt and spending two days flying home.  Would have been nice to spend a bit more time in Heidelberg as we didn't get to explore the castle at all.  

Overall the honeymoon was pretty darned good.  I just wish I'd planned it better.  Because I spent so long planning the wedding, I hardly did any honeymoon planning at all.  We basically chose what cities we'd be going to and for how long, the first two places accommodation, and that was it.  We did most of our planning once we arrived in places, and booked the next accommodation from the previous place.  So there were things we missed because we just didn't know about them.  And some bad weather in the alps didn't help much either heh.

A bit over a month ago I noticed the last entry of the honeymoon blog that said: 

Hopefully it won't take two years to do like my USA photos did... ;)

Yeah.  So I'm actually a long way behind even that, because all I managed to do was pick photos for the blog.  Nothing has been labelled or geotagged.  Oops.


See the entire honeymoon blog on one page (temporarily anyway).

So it seems fitting that two years after the last day of our honeymoon, I booked our next holiday!!  To Japan and the UK later this year :)

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