Is it winter yet?

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Well we certainly haven't had an autumn, and winter is only vaguely starting to look like it might happen.

I've worn my jumper about half a dozen times this year - it seriously hasn't been that cold. And so far this winter I've worn my jumper about once. It's been so warm in Sydney during the day that I simply haven't needed it. How weird is that for the first week of winter? I'm still wearing summer pyjamas to bed and still have summer sheets on (although I'm going to put the flanalette sheets on this weekend).

Last year was a similar story - I wore my jumper for the first time literally a week before winter. Another year without an autumn. All very silly really!

There's been some pretty big storms further south though, violent windstorms making rather a mess of things :(


CC said:

What are you talking about! It's been cold at night! I've got my winter PJ's on! =)

June 7, 2003 10:32 AM


kazza said:

not in my flat, it's well insulated and never gets that cold :)

June 7, 2003 1:58 PM


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