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I installed ACDSee today. I uninstalled it tonight.

I've been using an ancient version of acdsee for years which is quick to load when you double click on a photo, and lets you rotate by pressing ctrl-r. Simple.

But I'd really like a nice program to remove red-eye.

Some time ago I installed Google's Picasa, which does red-eye very nicely. It actually modifies the file without altering the last change file-stamp. The problem is, the folder interface is utterly impossible to use. I can't figure out how to simply view folders by how they're arranged on my hard disk. It wants to arrange its albums in its own mystical ways - seemingly by date or name or size. But I just want a windows explorer style view dammit!! I simply can't find photos I'm looking for because I don't know where it's put them.

So I was hoping acdsee would do a better job. Well the folder navigation was more managable, however the red-eye feature is messy and not as good as picasa. It's also a slower program to load, and ctrl-r to rotate wants you to save a new file rather than just modifing the exif details (and so does red-eye). I was also hoping it'd manage resizing images, as the program I'm using at the moment, Pixresizer, is ok, but it's image quality is very soft. But the other stuff annoys me too much.

Back to google I guess.


trainman said:

Have you tried Irfan view? It seems better these days than the older versions. Not sure about red-eye reduction, but it has JPG operations (like rotate) that maintain original file details.

December 18, 2004 6:34 PM


kazza said:

Never even heard of it.. will have to have a look

December 18, 2004 7:17 PM


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