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Got meself a switch today. An 8-port Netgear. I discovered the other night that when backups are running, my netphone drops off the network. You see I have been using a 10mbps *hub* until now! So quite obviously something needed to be done. 100mbps switch to the rescue! Except this computer appears to have a faulty network card. At 100mbps it was getting packet loss all over the place. So I dropped it back to 10mbps and it was fine. And it also confirms my belief that my computer crashing during backups is caused by the network interface. Will have to dig another nic out of storage and put it into service.


trainman said:

I have two spare 100MBPs NICs here out computers I am scrapping. Let me know before the council cleanup. ;)

May 27, 2006 11:36 AM


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