Five Years

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So it was five years ago today that I moved my stuff properly into this place. I was just pondering this as I looked at my television stand and realised it hadn't moved from the spot I put it in in the five years I've been here. And it's today of all days that I'm seriously contemplating moving it.

There's a couple of problems with the tv where it is. One is that it's hard to have anybody over and watch tv/dvds. It'd be nice to be able to put it in front of a couch so Stu and I could snuggle up and watch Star Trek together. The other is that I don't get much done at night once I turn the tv on. I find it quite distracting.

Of course the problem with having it away from my computer room is that I can't just have it on while doing other things. I'd actually have to go and watch it. Now I like being able to watch the tv from my computer and chat or play games while having the tv on - I actually get bored if I'm just watching telly and nothing else. I guess it could mean that I'd only watch the shows I wanted, and could record them and watch them when Stu's not online or whatever. Alternatively I could use my old computer which would be setup next to the tv and use that to chat or for general browsing...

If I did move the tv into the lounge room I'd have an empty corner. Perhaps room for another bookshelf. Or could move Fred and George in here. Or some of the lego..

Telly corner


Yvonne said:

Or buy another TV for the Lounge..... or a smaller one for the office, and move this one to the lounge. :D

May 27, 2006 4:19 PM


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