Error ID 55, Category Disk

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The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume 820gb.

This is really not what you want to see on your production file server. I mean *really* *REALLY* not what you want to see.

So last night there was another power outage to fix what they did the other week during the last power outage. So turned all my servers off. And an hour later turned them all back on again. Well my 220s disk array was on for a good ten minutes after power was restored, and then it threw a disk. At the very moment it threw the disk, it corrupted the file system on the partition on it. Which is really not meant to be the way it works. The idea is if you lose a disk from a Raid 5 array, the operating system doesn't need to know about it. The disk being presented to the operating system is meant to still be completely viable.

So this is now the second time this has happened.

Fortunately this time, it happened on a Friday night and not a Monday morning, and this time we have a redundant server which has an instant mirror of all the files. So it had clean copies of the corrupted files, and we failed over to this server so users will be none the wiser. This is a very very good thing.

So currently the machine is rebuilding the array. Likely to finish around 9pm tonight. When that's done I will nuke the partition on the drive, recreate and format it, and fail back from the other server.

Yay to Dell for getting the disk to me at 6am this morning, and boo to Dell for the likelihood that the 220s box is doing messy things to the disks.

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