The Abominable Bride

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This morning we went along to the Dendy to see a screening of a holiday special of Sherlock.

We love the Sherlock series - we've watched the entire thing through twice.

This episode has a bit of a twist to it which is a bit of fun.  Really well done (as always).  Loved it.

Before and after we got to see a couple of extra "special features" including some stuff by the producers and interviews.

And the cinema(s) were packed!  We were in cinema 1 and it was full.  Even Star Wars on the Monday after opening didn't fill that same cinema.

I really must keep reading the stories (read a bunch of them a while back but didn't finish).

Other than that today was just house stuff, including taking down the Christmas decorations :( 

Had salmon and salad for dinner so *mostly* healthy.

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