Whiskey night #2

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So we had another bunch of single malt whiskies to try at work tonight..

Whiskey 2009
The Suntory (Yamazaki) was very clean and easy to drink - "Soft" as Dave and I called it
The Hellyers was Australian and pretty raw and pretty average really - and the last one left at the end of the night
The Balblair was a nice and interesting Scottish whiskey
The Ardbeg was my favourite - a nice smokey Scottish whiskey - I *love* a good smokey whiskey
The Connemara (the Irish one) was a bit hard done by because it was my fifth drink and I'd already had a few to drink, so can't really comment on it ;)


David Johnson said:

Yvonne prfers the Jamesons Irish triple distilled whiskey over the Laphroaig Scottish double distilled whisky.

July 10, 2009 12:21 AM


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