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So I've just finished reading book four of the Anne of Green Gables series. 
Half way through!

I have to say that reading them has been quite pleasureable, but also a little annoying. 

There's so little plot!!  So little conflict or turmoil.  Anne just seems to live this charmed life where everything goes right for her and everyone she touches is blessed.  The books are written more as little serials where each little adventure takes only a chapter or two and then you never hear of it again.  Throughout the series you are left wondering what is happening to Diana and Gilbert, as in book four you barely hear a peep over three years what is happening to them. 

The second movie was a mish-mash of stories from the second-fourth books.  I do rememeber the Pringle conflict in the movie sequel that came up in the fourth book, but the way it was dealt with in the book was so *silly* and *as if* prejudices could evaporate so quickly!

Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying reading these books.. it's just that they kinda lack *something*.. and don't know how much they'd stand up to repeated readings...

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