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As I've been putting away my lego, I've been trying to find the patterns in lego piece changeovers. The original space lego was released over a ten year period, and there were several design changes in various pieces. I've been trying to figure out when they were so thast I can put the sets away with the right style of pieces.

The most common variations are:
* the chinstrap - early minifigs had a thin chinstrap, this changed in mid eighties to have a "reinforced" chinstrap; futuron have the modern style chinstrap
* the horizontal mounting level of the twin laser gun - this was in the middle in very early sets, but dropped to the bottom in most later sets
* the "clip" and "headlight" 1x1 plates - the round ones have two types - type 1 in classic and type 2 in futuron; the clips have three types - type 1 in classic and type 2 in futuron.. type three came just after futuron
* 1x2 slopes - very early ones were studless (hollow) but most have an internal stud
* big cone rockets - had no axle hole in early sets but have a hole in later ones
* small cone rockets - same deal
* 2x2 round bricks - have a differing style of central axle hole
* all the minifig heads should be solid stud

the biggest problem is that Bricklink and Peeron sometimes vary, and are often completely wrong. I've been charting it all out in excel trying to figure out when the changeover years were so I can get it all right in my sets. How sad am i? :) I'm also charting colour schemes and minifig colours because I read an analysis once on what sets were release with which colours... and a very funny page on the potential of a grey minifig...

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