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I am in agreement with the ~90% of Australians who don't think we should be involved in this war with Iraq. And I don't just think we shouldn't be involved, but I don't think America should be involved either.

It is one thing to go to war against a country when they've done something perceptibly wrong (for example invade another country), but to go to war against a country when they haven't done anything (yet) is insanity. All that does is confirm to the world that America is a big bully, and it will do nothing but incense more hatred/violence/terrorism against America (and potentially Australia also)

On the way home, Triple-M had put together a montage of quotes from Bush's latest speech and set them to music, and it was all rather upsetting. One of the lines that stood out to me was: (quoted from SMH)

"The terrorist threat to America and the world will be diminished the moment that Saddam Hussein is disarmed."

ARE YOU INSANE???? It will only make things worse!! That has to be amongst the most stupid things he has ever said.

I pray that God will bring about a peaceful resolution to the current situation, cause it certainly won't be peaceful if left up to the likes of George Bush :(


windos said:

I totally agree with you. War won't make anything better, get worse, instead. Bush is only cares about oil supply for America. It was totally crap when he said everything that USA is doing now is to fight terrorism. Mass weapon was only a tricky reason to take everything from Iraq. Though there are mass weapon in Iraq, would it be the same if America has million of missile and then boms Iraq ?

I hope, France and 'alies' still keep their morale to stop the war. And i pray to God for that ... Amin.

March 19, 2003 12:40 PM


Crumbles said:

Kazza wrote: "but to go to war against a country when they haven't done anything (yet)..."

Not directly to us perhaps, but I think you'll find that the majority of people in Iraq welcome the opportunity to get rid of Saddam.

As for not being a threat to us - well, that's hard to say. We've known for some time that Saddam has chemical weapons, but nothing has been done about it. Since S11, priorities have changed and these weapons now need to be accounted for before its too late ("before" being the operative word).

Restraint was required previously - we certainly didn't want the likes of Osama and Saddam (who were at opposite ends of the political spectrum) uniting to fight a "common enemy". Alas, it is now too late to stop that.

I'm no fan of American policy. They have contributed to the present problems of the middle east, and are directly responsible for Saddam. I've also sat back and watched in disgust for the past several years as the policies of the US and the UN have led to sanctions against Iraq - which only effects the innocent. But something needs to be done - and the UN has a nasty habit of dragging its feet on human rights abuses.

As for the idea that the US is doing it all for oil - well... I think you underestimate the cost of war. I've no doubt they'll take what oil they can to subsidise the war - but it certainly won't be at a profit.

Finally (sorry for ranting), whilst I agree that the majority of Australians are opposed to the war, I would dispute your figure of ~90%. However, I agree with most of the peace protesters arguments, and can understand their reluctance for war. I support the operation not because I don't care about the lives of people in Iraq - but because I see it as their best hope.

Again - if you oppose war because you care for the innocent people in Iraq, ask yourself why the majority of people (though not all) in Iraq are willing to accept it as a price of freedom.

Another argument against war is that over 50% of its population is under 16 (that's alot). But think about this. This is not simply the result of a high birth rate. These kids have a right to enjoy a healthy ADULT life.

I don't expect I will change your opinion - that's OK. I would ask however that you at least set aside a portion of your mind to consider the possibility that maybe... just maybe... regardless of the "rightness" of war, that things may just turn out a little better for the people of Iraq when its all over.

March 19, 2003 11:02 PM


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