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It was a day of conversations today. Well just a couple that kinda stuck out. Like the one with my boss about Stu. Or the one with Luc about Dave & Yvonne, but *not* Stu. Or the one how I somehow managed to upset Arian over a conversation that started as to whether more-ish was a real word.

What really struck me today is Luc appears to be deliberately uninterested in Stu. He has not asked me a single question about him or my relationship with him. And yet he spent lunch time asking me all about my brother. It just weirded me out somewhat. Even my boss, who's really not that interested, was more curious about the picture I have of this boy on my blackberry. For entirely professional reasons of course. He pointed a finger at me and said "no moving to Brisbane allowed".

At least the day finished with a nice phone conversation with my boy.

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