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So I upgraded my phone from 6.1.4 to 9.1 on Sunday night.

Yeah yeah yeah, shut up.

I spent ages and ages on the weekend making sure I had everything backed up.  Because given my history with iTunes, there was no way I was going to trust my content to Apple.

As it turned out, I did get errors.

iPhone upgrade fail

I tried upgrading iTunes (my phone was a brick at this point).

And in the end it did in fact want to completely wipe my phone.

iPhone upgrade fail

But then it upgraded ok, and restored the backup ok.

So far the only thing I've noticed that I've lost was all the gold I'd spent months accumulating on Candy Crush.  So was pretty pissed off about that.  But at least all my other rewards and my level were maintained.


iOS 9.

Having not ever used 7 or 8, the "new" interface is new to me for the first time.  The calendar and photo sorting differences have been around for a while, but are new to me.

Things I like:

* I do like the photo sorting.  Rather than one big folder of thumbnails, now they're separated by date and location.  Much easier now to find and clear photos.
* the predictive text feature that I've seen on Android is there, although I've not really used it.
* the clock actually works on the home screen now!  And it even has a second hand!
* it *seems* like the battery life is a lot better
* EDIT: OMG! You can see all the attachments on SMSes!!  Will be easy to go through and remove excess crap

Things I'm not sure about:

* not sure I like the new icons
* the music player is no longer on the left of the home screen, and doesn't come with a double click from the lock screen unless you already have it open
* reminder alerts don't go away from your lock screen until you've actually swiped them to unlock/read.  But at least swiping to open an SMS actually opens the messages app and doesn't just unlock the phone and then expect you to load messages after that.

Things I really don't like:

* the notes application has now split up my notes based on some arbitrary decision about whether they're in my mail file or on the phone.  Dumb dumb dumb. Just give me a notes file.  I'm constantly having to switch between the two views of notes to see the notes in the two different locations.
* lack of consistency in switching between *stuff*.  Want to switch between an app?  Scroll left and right.  Want to switch tabs in Safari?  Scroll up and down.  Completely retarded.  Plus the animation is too enthusiastic and you end up scrolling past apps, or accidentally closing them when you meant to scroll left or right instead of up or down.
* lack of response to clicking the home button or scrolling.  Previously when I clicked the home button to unlock, the screen popped up straight away.  Now it can take up to a full second before the screen comes up, making me think I haven't pressed it properly.  And previously swiping between home screens was quite sensitive and responsive.  Now sometimes it just doesn't swipe until you've *really* swiped - otherwise it'll just bounce back to the screen you were on.  Super annoying.  EDIT:  This mainly seems to be after unlocking the screen.  Presumably when unlocking the screen it starts up a bunch of processes to do *stuff* when unlocked.
* I've really not liked the calendar interface since iOS 7 (when seeing it on other phones).  iOS 6's calendar let you show a month at a time, and when you clicked on a day it showed you the events at the bottom.  Simple, and it didn't change layouts around.  Now you *can* get a month view, but if you click on day you get taken to a list view that shows all events in a list.  Yuk.  And actually part of the reason I put off upgrading my phone.
* photo location map.  This was a super cool feature that showed you on a map where all your photos were taken.  I have photos all over the world on this phone and it was cool to see on a map.  Don't know if this feature is still there but hidden, or gone forever.
* EDIT: really not liking the reminders anymore.  Just clunky and awkward to use now.

Really the main reason for upgrading was just too many apps these days need iOS 7 or later to work.  So I had to bite the bullet and do it...

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