What's with the weather?

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Everyone's been having thunderstorms. Stu and I in Sydney and Brisbane, Missyisms in Illinois (?), Karla in Texas, Dave in Wisconsin I think, and Michael in a southern state of the US (not sure which one, I'm sure it's been mentioned tho).

Ok so that's only two countries, but it just seems like everyone's commenting on it at the moment.

I'm very sleepie.


Ben said:

None here, but was last week. :)

November 30, 2005 12:23 AM


Missyisms said:

At least a few of these storms mentioned in the U.S. were the same system. I guess that reflects just how loud it was! And, yes, I'm in Illinois. Sigh. ;-)

November 30, 2005 4:02 AM


Kevin said:

But the weird thing about the Illinois storms is that Mother Nature can't decide whether to rain or snow on us.

November 30, 2005 5:27 AM


Missyisms said:

I think Mother Nature can't make up her mind about the temperature and (as I blogged last night) the weathermen/women can't make up their mind between snow or rain. Other than a light sprinkling of snow, we've had neither today.

November 30, 2005 6:49 AM


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