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* I didn't get up for the eclipse this morning. Well actually I did set my alarm and got up, but I looked out the window and couldn't really tell if it was cloudy or not, plus it was cold and I would have had to get dressed and go out to the back lane, plus I'd probably only had about 4-5 hours sleep by that point, so I gave up on the thought and went back to bed. Pity really because apparently it was fairly clear.

* I checked the packing slip for the tiger lego mosaic, and there was really only meant to be six packets of black. So the problem was further upstream. They simply didn't pack enough black to complete the mosaic. Pretty tragic really. I'll see how I go with the other ones - there may be enough to complete the tiger with leftovers from the other sets.

* the husband of that ebay seller that stole my postage money mailed me back this morning to tell me that his wife had been in a serious car accident and was basically disabled. I had a look, and there's been no feedback for over a month, so it's quite probably true. Pretty sad really. Makes quibbling over $30 seem pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things.


JC said:

That's karma for ya. "What you send out in the world will come back on you threefold." Personally, I'd hafta see the hospital bills before I'd believe any information that came from that household.

May 7, 2004 7:08 AM


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