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Oh yeah, and the other thing I did tonight was move a notes server at work to new hardware. And it was the least amount work I've ever had to do to setup a server.

Total work involved included:

  • Ghost server from an image I'd created for another server, and rename. Total hands-on time, about ten minutes
  • Fix up a few other minor issues, and install lotus notes to get the service and environment variables set, about ten minutes
  • Saturday night, while watching telly, shut down notes on the old machine, copy all the files across to the new machine (that's 72gb of data files, give it a generous half an hour to copy everything), then rename the servers and set ip addresses so they're swapped, and start notes. Total hands on time, half an hour while waiting for the copy, and half an hour to fiddle and test.

    So we're talking about an hour and a half to completely setup a new machine, and transfer 72gb of production notes server from machine to another, the majority of that time spent watching telly. I'd like to see anyone do *that* with exchange! I honestly did so little on it that's it's hardly even worth claiming overtime on it.

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