Paper and Cyclones

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Spent the better part of tonight researching geometric origami.

I started off looking for a template/net for this sphere - 

Geodesic paper sphere
I made that sphere in second year uni (1993) when I was off sick for two weeks with pneumonia.  I was too tired to concentrate on uni work, and this was technical but mindless, so provided a nice distraction from feeling pretty blah.  It's made from curved strips of paper folded into little triangles (5x12 for the pentagons and 6x12 for the hexagons).  The little triangles are all stuck together into the pentagons and hexagons, and then those building blocks are stuck together to make a nifty little geodesic sphere.  Quite simple really.  But of course I can't find the templates to make the strips of paper anywhere on the internet.  I could always create my own, but it's so much easier if someone's already created templates!  The closest I came to even finding anything like this on the web was this site but no templates there.

So meandered on from there and went looking for instructions for Jack Skillman's Jackstone.  This has been discussed previously on this blog here, here and here.  Still no closer to finding any decent instructions on the net though :(

So a pretty unsuccessful night all up.  But did look at *lots* of geometric origami pages so will probably do something from one of them soon.

Here's what I have decorating my desk at work now..

Desk origami

And now for something completely different..

Former Tropical Cyclone Yasi is still going.  It's made its way all the way across Queensland and is now raining all over the Northern Territory.

Cyclone Yasi
This picture, taken from Channel 9, stood out for me.  Even though the roof has been blown off this house in Tully, everything in the kitchen, from water bottles to eggs, is all just sitting there as if nothing had happened!  Freaky!!

Yasi aftermath


Missy said:

Love the origami! But that storm looks awful!!!!!

February 5, 2011 2:37 PM


Kazza the Blank One said:

Storm was pretty bad, but could have been a lot worse if it had hit Cairns or Townsville head-on

February 6, 2011 5:36 PM


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