In Other News Part 4 - Whiskey Night

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Last week we had a whiskey night at work.  Six whiskeys - three Scotches, two Irish and a Welsh.

Scotch Night
They were all pretty good, these were my notes on the night:

Campbelltown Longrow: strong, somewhat peaty, liked it
Penderyn sherry wood single malt (Welsh): bitier, some more intense flavours and smell. Interesting.
Knappogue Castle single malt (Irish): smelled almost fruity, definitely not as intense. Tad smokey. Just a tad. Not bad.
Writers Tears: undecided. Bit more bland and lack of smell. Jeff liked it tho
Adelphi fascadale single malt: bitey, a bit smokey, a bit too .. something. Jeff claims bacon flavours :)
Benromach special edition: Liked it. Nice flavours. Strong. Good golden colour. Still liked the Longrow the best

Sadly the Longrow had run out by the time for seconds of anything, so missed out on another shot of that.

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