Industrial Relations

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I'm sure I'm going to get flamed by someone for this, so I'll just don the asbestos suit now :)

I've been getting annoyed about the ads on tv at the moment complaining about the industrial relations crap and how it'll be easier to fire people now, and how this can only be a bad thing for Australia. Now while as a general principle I tend to agree, I also disagree from an employer's perspective (of which I'm not nor ever likely to be), or a fellow worker's perspective. My theory goes something along the lines of this: bosses don't want to fire good workers. I am quite sure they'd be willing to make similar compromises they may be asking staff to make in order to keep a good worker. Rehiring and retraining new staff is a tedious, time consuming and costly exercise. The only people who should be worried about the IR reforms are bad workers.

I work in the government sector, and know that it is near nigh impossible to fire a bad worker. Unless they do something illegal or whatever, you're basically stuck with them, and it's bad for morale all round (I know this, being in the same office as a "bad worker"). If IR changes mean it's easier to get rid of people like this, then I'm all for it. As Vic says, it just makes it less expensive for employers to get rid of dead wood.

This is just my very uneducated theory, borne of no reason or interest in politics whatsoever, so feel free to flame away :)


Yvonne said:

UM I will not flame you but will point out that you have completely missed the point. :D
You and I who both work in safe emplyment will no longer be safe. See your brother for futher details. I will tell you the=at you should be very concerned, and NOONE's job will be safe good worker or bad worked in irrelevant,
We still love you tho.

October 4, 2005 12:40 AM


Dave said:

Now Kaz, You know I think the world of you, but I think this issue goes a little deeper than just being good at what you do.

What if you're a good worker, but it costs the company $40,000 a year to keep you there. Then a labour hire company comes along saying that they can give you the same skilled workers at $30,000 a year. Now both people do the same job, but the one getting $40,000 is in a union and has has certain rights and freedoms. The one getting $30,000 is privately contracted out and therefore wont strike, wont complain, isnt under contract and can be dropped at any time.

If you were an employer which would you pick? I'm not saying that this attitude is across the board, but certainly in a trade like printing or manufacturing, it's all about the bottom line and making a profit, not keeping people happy.

While thats all fine for the employer, you create this atmosphere or fear and anxiousness that leads to people not liking their jobs and consequently not doing well in them.

The Liberals have been trying to introduce this since my 2nd year as an apperntice and it seems that since they now have the majority of power we will likely see the slow erosion of workers rights.

Maybe my outlook is just all doom and gloom though. What do you think?

October 4, 2005 1:06 PM


kazza said:

Oh I agree that it's certainly going to be open to abuse by some employers, and I'm sure it'll contribute to a higher unemployment rate as those lost employees wander from dead end job to dead end job. I can just see the advantage in being able to get rid of crap workers more easily.

October 4, 2005 10:11 PM


Deus Ex Machina said:

Dave, welcome to the real world. its called competition.

October 5, 2005 4:58 PM


Yvonne said:

Dave has got the gist of the whole problem. I sell Apples at $2 for x amount. I paid my workers y%. My competitor under cuts me and sells apples at 1.50 for x amount. He pais his workers (Y-20)% YOU Kazza, Buy at the cheaper place, and I have to sack my hard working staff or force them to work harder for cheaper.

Also If I am under a personal agreement with my employer, and I have Fabian sick, He has the right (If all goes ahead) to say no you must work and leave the kid at home. I have no recourse, as he can now sack me and hire you the childess person. Now if you get sick or so on . How can one teenager go to MAccas and say this is what I want as my conditions of employment? I want Sickleave I want penalty rates for Friday Sat night. Employer says there's the door next teenager.....

It is scary even for us govt workers. ARTC took over the country areas of the network, and sacked 13000 staff Statewide. We now have 400 staff doing the maintainance of the 13000... and you wonder why tracks are not checked regulary...These senrarios have happened and are NOT the working of a dranged imagination.

October 6, 2005 5:32 PM


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