Toy Story 3

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Toy Story 3 While we were in Queensland, we all went and saw Toy Story 3.

It was pretty awesome!!

Although it was pretty easy to tell the bad guy the minute he came on screen heh.

We decided not to see it in 3D.  None of us are that convinced by it.  Stu gets a headache.  I think it dulls down the picture too much.  Really, we're so used to 2D that 3D doesn't really add that much.

It's pretty cool that the kid who played Andy was the same kid, all grown up.  The original Toy Story was fifteen years ago!!!  Not even Daemon was born when the first one came out heh.

There was even a Totoro!

Pixar have certainly done it again with this movie, well done!

Almost TUA (Totally Unrelated Aside):
There's a line in one of the movies (I can't actually remember which, I think it was 2) that has a character (Stinky Pete?) questioning Woody about whether he would be still there when Andy grew up - would he be taken on Andy's honeymoon?  The tragic thing is, if I'd actually remembered (I was kicking myself that I forgot) I would actually have taken my favourite childhood toy on my honeymoon.  I did take her to Japan last year.  She's on the packing list for the next trip hehe.

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