Who is the Mole?

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Out of the 3 reality tv shows I watch (Survivor, The Amazing Race and The Mole), my favourite by far is The Mole. The others you can watch and can get to a point where you hope someone wins over someone else, but with the Mole there is a puzzle to solve which takes you the whole series to work out, and even then you may not get it. They're about to finish the fourth series of it here tonight, and I think Shaun is the mole. I originally discounted him cause he looked a little dumb to play the mole, but I think it may be an act more than anything. We'll see in two hours :)

Life in Sydney has returned to a much more civilised temperature after a week of hot dry weather, which unfortunately has left a few of my balcony plants a little worse for wear. Normally I only water them once per week, but I should have checked on them during the week this week :( Oddly enough, the big fern is still as bright as ever, even though it surely would consume more water than the other plants. I do have some lovely jonquils though that I planted about three weeks ago, and they're already flowering :)

Incidently, if you get really sticky masking tape and leave it lying around, cockroaches will stick to it. I have one trapped at the moment which I'm about to throw out, but it's been there for a couple of days and it's still alive... ewwwwwww!


sossuk said:

Yeah I liked the Mole too, although I think we only had 2 series here and haven't seen any since..hmm! I like the last show when they show how the mole wrecked things.... a very good concept indeed I reckon! Oh and the race is good too, but again only seen two series of that.. maybe I will move to Australia for the TV programs lol.
Did you know if you cut the head off of a cockraoch it still lives.. yuk!

September 28, 2003 6:39 PM


The mole fan said:

I think the mole has GOT to be that nathan guy - he is pure evil

September 28, 2003 7:10 PM


kazza said:

ok so it wasn't shaun
so I've only been thinking him for the last week
after the ad it will be revealed who the mole is .. I reckon nathan. Sami and I have been thinking him since about episode 1 .. we'll see in a few minutes!

September 28, 2003 7:13 PM


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