Too stressed to be depressed..

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But I'm sure that'll come later..

Busy day today.  Finished geotagging all 18701 of my holiday photos.  Still have my parents' photos to do.  Rotated theirs today and had a look at them all (first time I'd ever actually seen them).  Also time spent cleaning the house (not that you could tell :/ ) and cooking dinner (a pork belly, following the recent Coles magazine suggestion to cook it skin down for the first 2/3 of the cooking time.  It turned out pretty well).  

Tonight I went to find our spare house keys for Peter, but can't find them anywhere :(:(:(:(

Edit.. just found them ... under piles and piles of crap :/

Oh, and still can't find anyone to go to 1927 with .. seems noone of my demographic in Canberra ..

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