The Dark Knight

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So we finally went and saw The Dark Knight last night.

But first we went to get some snacks/drinks while waiting for the movie to start.  We toddled off to My Cafe Espresso in Garema Place.  Apart from the "Tall Italians" that the boys all got and raved about how good they were, the rest of it was pretty crap.  We got two servings of nachos, but there were only like half a dozen corn chips to eat with.  So I asked for either some more corn chips, or some forks (either one).  And some serviettes.  Well they did eventually bring out some more corn chips so that was ok, but no serviettes.  So we all had to lick our fingers or use the drink-soaked serviettes that came under the drinks (when they finally arrived - we'd pretty much finished eating by the time our drinks arrived).  So a couple of thumbs down from me.

The Dark Knight Anyway.

So yeah we finally got to see The Dark Knight.  It was pretty good, as indicated by all the hype and the IMDB ranking.  Great mix of action and drama.  Heath Ledger (and indeed everyone else) did a great job.  I knew it was long, but felt like I couldn't tear my eyes away to check my watch heh.  Although I did feel quite tense the whole way through it, to the point of feeling a little blah as we went home.  Weird.  Stu liked it, but the others not so much.

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