This is going to take years

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I started the mammoth exercise of rescanning and catalogue all my analogue photos tonight.

I scanned six photos.

Admittedly much time was spent choosing a sharpen setting (can anyone suggest what levels they use in photoshop?), and the best way to transfer them to my main computer etc. The other problem is my favourite jpg compression utility - LView 1.8 - is playing up at the moment.. or more likely w2k is, probably getting to be about time I did a complete format and reinstall. I still have yet to find a utility as good as LView .. but then I haven't really been looking, since lview does the job so well. LView seems to do a better job of jpg compression than anything else I've seen - small file sizes with very little distortion. But its biggest disadvantage is that it can't do batch opens and resaves and resizes. At least not the 1996 no-nag version I have :)

The heat here is ridiculous at the moment.. I'm seriously unmotivated to do *anything* it's simply too hot. At least at work it's nice and cool :)

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