Ravensburger 32000 piece jigsaw puzzle

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Last night when we were in Civic we went past the games store and found the 32000 piece jigsaw they have for sale there.

Ravensburger 32000 piece jigsaw
I've blogged about this jigsaw before.  I really don't think I'd want to do it.  Too much solid colour.  Although.  I did find a blog recently about someone that's currently doing it.  As I also discovered doing my last Ravensburger, in which the two halves were actually completely identical, they discovered the sections are identical.  So when you've done one, you can build the next one right on top of it.  Which means if you've sorted out your pieces, you can just pick them up and put them in, because you know *exactly* what shape you're looking for.  That would make it *soooo* much easier to do.  But cheating somehow too heh.

Besides, the thing is 544x172 cm big, and ~20kg.  And $595.  !!

No, I'd still much rather do this one.

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