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I need to learn temperance. I need to control myself when people piss me off.

There's this woman at work who chronically doesn't log support calls when she needs help (of which she needs a lot), and will grab us whenever we walk by to ask questions (which happens a lot since we need to go into her office to collect our mail :/ ). Today she came into our office because she couldn't remember her password (even though she uses it multiple times per day) - more likely something weird had happened. But even when we reset it for her it still wouldn't work, so she came back again five minutes later to bug us again. Of course this time I had to go and have a look at her computer, then reset the password again. The thing is, I'm not even meant to be doing support calls, and was in the middle of trying to make something in my database work, and the constant interruptions were already bugging me. But having to get up and go do someone else's job *when she hadn't even logged a call for it* made me lose it, and I grumbled very loudly to her all the way down the corridor that she *has* to log calls, and this is exactly why.

Must learn self control. Must be patient. Must help the lusers, er, users because they don't know any better.

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