I can see how people make money out of ebay

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Sami mentioned yesterday that BigW had a lot of Lego on special, so today I trekked to the local BigW to get some more Harry Potter Lego. Well Lego wasn't just on special, the Harry Potter Lego was *slashed* in price. The best saving was the Hogwarts Castle, which was $114. Now the normal price at BigW was $144, and the recommended retail is $159.95!!! At $45 off retail I could put a couple away and sell them in a year or two and get a 50% return on investment easily, perhaps more. I've actually already got a couple of sets stashed away unopened that I got on special for just this purpose. Of course the biggest problem with all of that is storage, so I won't be holding on to them forever that's for sure :)


nicky vasek said:

Hey there! Just thought Id say hello again

July 18, 2004 3:34 AM


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