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So tonight I had a slide night for my usa photos. I was originally intending to do this on two nights so that people could choose the night they were free. However a decent chunk of people didn't rsvp, either because they never received my emails or smses or who knows what. I won't go into how bitter/upset/depressed that all made me, think it's safer not to go there.

Of those that did decide to come, they all came tonight. In the end ten people came! It was actually rather crowded in here!

I also couldn't get a data projector from work, the boss has decided the new policy is no lending (ok, so the last time I asked was about five years ago). Was thinking it was going to be a disaster having to crowd around my monitor. However then I remembered that Luke has one, and so asked if he could bring it with him, which fortunately he did.

We had to fuss about a bit trying to get the thing to work with my puta - it only wanted to play in widescreen modes which my video card doesn't support, until someone figured out how to change the data projector from widescreen to 4:3 mode. yay. So we could go ahead after all :)

Just after we started, Fi asked if there was a soundtrack, to which I said "yes" and got up to start the cds which I'd gotten in america - Azkaban, Peter Pan and Chamber of Secrets soundtracks which we listened to a lot of while we were away. They were all lined up, just had to press play. It was funny actually, they were almost perfectly timed, and finished basically on the second last slide. Very cool.

Took just over three hours to get through 1800 photos. Probably would have gone faster with fewer people, as there was much digressing. We also had an intermission in the middle to get more drinks/food etc. I think everyone that came enjoyed it. I hope so anyway.

I should definitely make up some slides for a title page, an intermission slide, and a "the end" slide. But then again not sure how likely I am to do this again. As far as I know, only two or three other people I know in real life are interested in seeing these pics.

Anyways, now I have to put this place back together again and generally clean up. Tomorrow.


Yvonne said:

You said sat. HMMMM Oh well dave is away anyway. I'm glad your night was a success

January 15, 2005 3:34 PM


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