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I've been pretty slack at updating my books read list lately.  These are the latest ones I've read..

Star Wars Episode I by Terry Brooks
It took me ages to get through this, not helped by not catching the bus as much, it being a big hard back, and the story just not that engaging.  Some insights into the plot and character development which was kinda nice.

Dewey by Vicki Myron
Mum picked up this book in Kuranda in Queensland because she'd just finished her book and needed another one to read.  She read that over the course of our tour, then I borrowed it.  I read this very quickly.  Quite a sweet story about a library cat in america.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'Engle
I heard somewhere that they were looking at making another movie of this book (I think??) so read the book again.  I'd forgotten most of it since the last time I read it probably twenty years ago.

Thunder Dog by Michael Hingson
Stu got this for Christmas a few years ago from his Dad and Ruth and laughed when he saw the title.  But it's actually quite a nice story of this blind guy and his guide dog who were in the north tower of the World Trade Centre on September 11.  So interspersed between the story of his experience of September 11, there's a whole background bio to him.  I quite liked this book.

Star Wars Episode II by R.A. Salvatore
I liked this better than the first book and read it relatively quickly.  

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