Go the Goose!!

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I managed to last the entire week I was away without finding out who won My Restaurant Rules this season, and just catching up on the videos now.

Go the Goose!

I was hoping they'd win, although I thought Sydney would. So was excited when they called Adelaide as the winner :)

I've caught up on my main mail, my ebay mail, my uni mail. Still have several hours of videos, scores of blog entries, unpacking and dinner yet to catch up on.

Back to it!


Yvonne said:

I was a bit upset for the Sydney Couple. They did very well. It was a tough call to choose who 'deserved'to win.

June 7, 2005 12:52 AM


kazza said:

Yah they did, but John in Adelaide obviously had a dream to be a chef in his own restaurant, and now he has that chance. I'm very glad they won just for that.

June 7, 2005 6:19 AM


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