Kazaa encourages piracy, court told

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This is probably why I'm not likely to be renting out my domain name again ..

Taken from SMH:

The developers of file-swapping technology Kazaa produced the biggest music piracy system ever seen, the Federal Court has been told.

At the start of a trial over the legality of Kazaa software, the court was told today that Kazaa had 100 million users worldwide, sharing three billion music files a month.

The software allows users to swap free digital music files over the internet.

But five major record companies are suing Sharman Networks, which develops and distributes the software, for copyright infringement.

Sharman will argue it has actively encouraged Kazaa users not to infringe copyright and it cannot control what users do with the software.

But lawyers for the record labels - Universal, EMI, Sony BMG and Warner and Festival Mushroom - contend Sharman was fully aware of how the software was used and did nothing to stop infringements.

Counsel for the labels, Tony Bannon SC, said the Kazaa system facilitated systematic copyright infringement on a scale never before seen.

He said Sharman "paint themselves as the defenders of the interests of fans of music".

"It's all a charade," Bannon said. "They are trading off the copyright-infringing activities of its users.

"Far from inhibiting infringements, they are actually encouraging them."

Sharman promoted Kazaa as "the world's most popular file-sharing system" but the profits did not go to the record labels or artists, Mr Bannon said.

The cornerstone of Kazaa's popularity was the free downloading of music files, most of which were unlicensed, he said.

"The vast audience only exists because of the rampant copyright-infringing activity," he said.

The trial, before Justice Murray Wilcox, is expected to last three weeks.


Silly really :)

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