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Sometimes I love summer TV.  A few shows that have started up in the last two weeks are "Mighty Planes", "When Weather Changed History", and "Aftermath".

The first episode Mighty Planes featured Donald Trump's very shiny 757.  Tonight's had the Blue Angels.  Next week has the A380.  Planes!  Love it :)

When Weather Changed History looked at the Challenger disaster last week and the Delta 191 crash this week.  Both are stories I've seen before, but this showed new things and in the case of the Delta 191 a different perspective than in Air Crash Investigations, with actual cockpit recordings and a lot more real footage.

Aftermath I only started watching because it was on straight after Air Crash Investigations.  Last week they looked at what might happen if the world suddenly doubled in population overnight.  This week it was what would happen if the world suddenly ran out of crude oil.  It's a little too US-centric, with not a lot of what might happen in the rest of the world.  And in some senses I think things would go worse than they thought - I reckon society would collapse a lot quicker and it would be a lot more chaotic. 

Of course all of this means I'm getting quite a bit of jigsaw time in :)   (but sadly not enough Hong Kong photo sorting)

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