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Firstly a welcome to all my lurkers. I asked for one response, and got two, go figure! :) It's nice to know my insignificant rantings keep other people entertained at work :):)

Top things that piss me off #7:
People that honk you when you stop at a sign that says "Left turn on red permitted after STOPPING". By law you're supposed to wait something like three seconds after stopping, or at the very least until you can see around the truck that's blocking sight of the oncoming traffic. But nooooooo some twats want to beep you the second you stop. Next time someone does that I think I might just stop there until the light turns green, just to teach them a lesson in patience.

I watched Behind Enemy Lines tonight. I really liked the cinematography and camera work. The scene at the beginning where the F-18 gets shot down is fantastic, and the scenery throughout the rest of the film is bleak but beautiful. The story itself is a bit lame, and it gets a scathing review on IMDB for not being accurate about the Balkan war. But have definitely seen worse.

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