Bella Vista August

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The sweetie took me out to dinner tonight - to my instant request when asked - Bella Vista!!

Since the serving sizes are (relatively) small, we decided to forgo garlic bread and have a proper entrée, as well as mains and a dessert.

For entrée I had a stuffed quail.  I don't think I've ever had quail before.  It was lovely, although a few bones to negotiate!  Stu had some prawns which were super tasty.

Bella Vista quail
For mains I had a salmon and prawn dish, and Stu had a chicken risotto in a parmesan cheese net.  Those cheese nets are soooo yummy!  Mine was delicious except for the need to peel and de-poo whole prawns that were still hot.

Bella Vista salmon and prawns

We got dessert as well.  Stu got a chocolate tart with the most amazingest butterscotch sauce *ever*!

Bella Vista chocolate tart
And I had a pannacotta, which was good, but a little difficult to negotiate in the champagne glass!

Bella Vista Pannacotta

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