Olympics Memories

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It was totally unreal in Sydney during the Olympics. The majority of people were on holidays, so there was noone on the roads. I chose to continue working, so had dream drives into work, and then spent half my time watching "ip tv" olympics coverage, as there wasn't really much work to do any way.

Everyone was in a party/holiday mood. There was stacks of free entertainment round the city. The public transport system performed absolutely flawlessly.

We went out to Olympic Park to see a few things, and while it was insanely crowded, it was all very organised, thanks in no small part to the army of volunteers, and there was hardly any queueing for anything.

My biggest regret was not getting to see the opening ceremony. When I saw the opening ceremony for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles I thought at the time that it would be a such a once in a lifetime event that if it ever came to Sydney I'd *have* to see it. My mother and I both applied for tickets, but we didn't get them. I didn't regret not having to pay $1345 *per ticket*, but I still really would love to have been there. I also wanted to go to one of the dress rehearsals, but you couldn't get tickets for that (you had to know people or be involved). My friend Liz was a volunteer, and her "beat" was Stadium Australia, so she got to see it for free.

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