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I had a scary thought last night.

You see me little brother and Yvonne are seeing half the country at the moment and I had this vaguely jealous feeling that they're seeing more of the country than me. Then I was thinking it'd be cool to see more of the country. Then I was thinking what would be a good way to see lots of it.

That's when the scary thought hit me. Why not see all the Big Things of Australia. When we were driving up to Queensland earlier in the year we stopped at the Big Banana and they had a map there with all the Big Things of Australia on it. Of course I wouldn't do the whole lot at once, but perhaps a couple of different trips I could see most things. I'd just need someone to go with to share petrol and accommodation costs....


soss said:

oh, oh... holds hand up in the air.. and waves it around!

Ah geeze ... wrong hemisphere! :(

September 9, 2004 6:39 AM


kazza said:

That's alright, you can fly out here :)
You need the time off work anyway :)

September 9, 2004 6:54 AM


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