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The little brother and SIL came to town this weekend to run the booze train out to Tarago.  For Saturday lunch we went to Zierholz.  I have to say the service as MUCH improved since last time we were there.  Probably only twenty minutes wait for food.

Tasting paddle
Depth charge?
I had crumbed risotto balls - cheesy goodness with a lovely sauce on the salad.  These came first, so I may have had some assistance eating them :)
Zierholz food
Stu's kransky
Zierholz food
Dave's pork belly
Zierholz food
Yvonne's fish
Zierholz food
We also ended up with two plates of wedges (instead of one).

All pretty good.

The brewery
I even remembered to pick Tony up a keg for the party on Friday :)

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