It's Friday!!

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OK so it's not really.  But I don't have to go to work tomorrow which makes this Friday! Hurrah!! :)

Unfortunately I don't have any photos in my to-be-blogged folder either.

So this is going to be the boringest post ever.  Well maybe not ever.  I've had some boring posts in the past.  Your challenge: find one! mwooahhahaha

I've been blogging for eight years.  2891 entries.  


Even I don't have the stamina to re-read the whole thing.  It'd take weeks!  I tried at one point, cause I thought it would be a good idea to censor my biggest rants, especially about friends and family (parents).  I think I got about a year and a half in before I ran out of steam.  

My mother on the other hand is obsessive enough to read the whole thing if she found it again (she found it once by accident, don't know if she's been back since).  Since she has the internet at home now it's likely to happen sooner rather than later.  Well mum, be warned, there's a rant or two about you floating around.  You have been warned.

Wow.  I somehow managed to stretch a nothing post into a several paragraphs!  

Happy Invasion Australia day for tomorrow.. if anyone wants to come round for a swim, the puddle will be free (preferably in the afternoon when the sun is a bit off the pool).

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