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I first subscribed to FlyLady late last year when I first met Annie who had also recently subscribed. I liked the whole philosophy of "a little bit at a time - you can do anything for fifteen minutes". That, and the first daily habit was "shine your sink" which I'd been doing to some effect at least - washing up after dinner to remove food from the cockroaches.

So I subscribed, and watched the daily emails go by and thought "I really should start doing some of those".

Well tonight I actually did one! Zone 3: Mission #2 Tuesday. The mission was to throw out empty detergent bottles etc from the laundry, wipe down the washer/dryer etc. So that's what I did! Well actually I only threw out one thing - the first ever detergent bottle I bought when I first moved out of home in 2000. Which I don't actually use anymore because you needed two caps to do a load of washing which I thought was a little silly. But I did wipe down surfaces that hadn't been wiped down in nearly five years, so that felt pretty good.

Don't know if I'll manage to do one of these every night, will depend on what else is happening I guess. But it's a start.

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