Goldilocks Season

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Every year about this time, railway verges are dotted with dozens of golden flowers reaching for the sun. These annuals have always been a favourite of mine. We even had a crop of them every year in our backyard until my mother went on a weeding spree before they flowered, and that was the end of them.

I was very sad.

I could never say coreopsis when I was little - they were, and still are, Goldilocks's. I think I like my name better.

coreopsis aka goldilocks

Heard the year's first cicadas tonight too.

Ah summer!


trainman said:

The reason they are along the railway is because some senile lady used to throw seeds out the windows of the trains every spring.

November 4, 2006 10:02 AM


Hosokawa said:

I'm not Swedish. I first read about lagom in a book about simplicity. I ognliiarly thought I read about it in a book called, Choosing Simplicity by Linda Breen Pierce. But it might have actually been in a book called, Less is More by Cecile Andrews and Wanda Urbanska. I don't remember which one it was since I read both around the same time a few years ago. It was only briefly mentioned in one of the profiles, but the word stuck with me. So basically I'm borrowing it from our Scandinavian friends since we don't have an English term for it.

August 28, 2013 10:17 AM


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