It's meant to be winter here right??

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Then why is it so warm? Had to take my jumper off today. Of course it was a new jumper, so it left black fluff all over my tshirt!

Got to bed at 9 last night and woke up mostly recovered at 6. You know not once while I was away did I wake up in the middle of the night wondering where I was, even though we were in a different place practically every night. Yet last night, I woke up wondering where I was, and took me a moment to realise I was actually at home! How bizzare is that?

Another useful side effect of going away was that I starved most of my cockroaches. There are lots of dead ones around, and not much evidence of live ones (although I did see one this morning because I couldn't wash up last night because the hot water hadn't come back yet). Have made a resolution with myself to keep the flat tidy and wash up after every meal to slow down the little critters moving back in again. And tie up the garbage whenever there's accessable food in there.

Still need to do a water change in the big tank, wash up, unpack, and think about how I'm going to sort out my photos....


Good Chimp Gone Bad said:

Hi Kazza,
I just noticed your site when doing some major research on getting rid of cockroaches. I dicovered I have them after putting sticky gel down at the base my window frames to catches flies and came back one day to find a Roach(I've caught 6 this way so far- quite good method actually)!
The problem is I have a bad phobia about them so these have to go or I will.
If you are seeing them its because the population is so big they have run out of room to hide. Best way to get rid is cut off the water they need to drink(keep all sinks dry and bleach and plug up plugholes). Be totally anal about cleanliness too.
I discovered the powdered sugar and Epsom salts works best because it not only ruptures their colon but for the survivors the Magnesium disrupts their digestive system and they starve. The version with plaster of paris works too. Just hit them with everything!
You truly have my sympathy. Good luck.

October 22, 2004 10:38 PM


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