Excuse me while my brain takes a holiday

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So I'm ordering a pizza, and they've introduced a voice recognition system which is just not what I'm expecting, so makes my slightly fuzzy brain start to think things are weird with the universe. Of course it doesn't help that I've had a couple of drinks. Not that many, but still weird. And this is after watching a couple of scenes of ET that I'm sure I've never seen before. OK so I've only seen the movie like twice in my life, once at the movies when I was 9 and again a few years ago. But I generally have a fairly good memory for movies and I'm quite sure these scenes are new. I guess that's why they call it special edition.

Had our work Christmas party today, which was altogether pleasant, except of course for the flies. Tip to newbies: flies appear to be more attracted to prawns than anything else, so to stop them trying to eat the rest of your food, empty a few prawn shells onto a plate and let the flies swarm around that :)

off to go get my pizza... mmmm pepperoni pizza... mmmmmm :)

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