Guzman Y Gomez

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The other day we went and tried out Guzman Y Gomez.  I was amazed at how fast the service was.  There was a bit of a queue and a huge crowd there, but they churn through the orders at lightning speed.  Only had to wait a couple of minutes after ordering for my food.  They must be making a fortune there getting through so many customers!

I had a Pork Chipotle "mini" burrito ($6.50) which had slightly too many beans in it for my taste, but was otherwise pretty good.  And well constructed, maintaining structural integrity right to the very end!

Guzman Y Gomez

Two years ago today we explored Bath, then visited Wells Cathedral before driving out to Cornwall.


Lisa @ bakebikeblog said:

oooh where is that located?

September 22, 2012 8:59 AM


Kazza the Blank One said:

It's in the Canberra centre in Civic, on Bunda St

September 23, 2012 8:34 AM


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