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I never did write up my ski trip. It's kinda getting past it now.

The trip down Monday night felt long. Didn't help that I was still feeling a bit sick. Arrived well after midnight and simply crashed out. Was in mixed rooms which I'd never done before with strangers, so that was kinda weird. Then stressed over how long I'd have to wait for a shower in the morning. As it turned out, noone was in the other room, and I ended up having first shower.

Day one on the snow was very average. It was snowing which was a good thing, except for the fact that I was getting snow on my goggles, which was melting and sitting there as big droplets which prevented me seeing anything. That combined with so much snow in the air that I really couldn't see a thing, and didn't have a very good day skiing. At higher altitudes it was a like a freezing blizzard, so I didn't get much out of the front valley area of Perisher. Got taken out by a damned snowboarder who mustn't have been watching where he was going, and still have massive bruises on my arms to show for it. Not to mention having to go to the toilet repeatedly to clear the bowels of whatever made me sick the other day. Fell over quite a few times on day one and was very tired by the end of the day. Basically just had dinner and crashed early.

Day two was perfect sunny conditions, fresh snow, much better all around. Decided to dump my bag in a locker after taking some photos, and fared much better for it. Headed over to Blue Cow and had lots of fun on the Pleasant Valley run. Wandered back to meet Tamlin and Frederico for lunch, before heading back again. Didn't fall over at all after dumping the bag and had a ball as I started getting better at skiing again. Got a relatively early night after pulling out of the pool competition (they kept adding more games to round one so I'd never get to my second game).

Day three was another perfect day. Went straight up to Blue Cow with the camera and took pictures all over. Then dumped the bag again and went straight back. Headed over to Guthega, but they had a lift problem and ended up with massive queues. Was all set to head back to Blue Cow but the queues cleared somewhat and I did several of the blue runs without too much trouble. Then did the summit express chair which I'd never been on before, although the conditions were a little icy. Finally headed back to Mt Perisher to do some of the runs there, and the highest lifted point in Australia. I didn't stop for lunch on the third day, because there were too many runs to do and not enough time to do them! Really didn't want to come home by the end of the third day, because I was really starting to get the hang of things again. I didn't even fall over at all on the last day! Now have to wait at least another year :/

I can recommend Oz Snow Adventures. They were fairly well organised, all the transportation and accommodation was organised without any glitches. Everything was as described on the website, and booking was very low fuss. The only thing I really didn't like was the mixed rooms, but even that wasn't really a big drama.

Will get some photos up on conspiracy eventually.

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