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My brother and I had quite a lot of time to chat last week, and one of the things we talked about was car costs.

Now thanks to my genetics, I inherited my parent's obsessivness, and so ever since I've had a car I've kept a log book of petrol costs, as well a spreadsheet listing rego, servicing, and insurance costs.  I updated the last two year's worth of petrol costs this afternoon, and so here's a breakdown of how much this car has cost me since I got it in February 2001.

Running Report    
Costs: Petrol only: $10,400.28
  Insurance, Servicing, Rego etc: $24,021.76
  Total Post-Purchase Expenses: $34,422.04
  Car Purchase Cost: $4,300.00
  Grand Total of everything: $38,722.04
Mileage Stats    
Mileage:  Current mileage (started at 122334 in 2001) 232842
Litres:  Total petrol put into car (L) 9541.3
c/km: Petrol only: 9.40
  Total - car cost: 31.14
  Total: 35.04
m/gal: 32.74
L/100km: 8.63
km/L:   11.59

So this car has so far cost me $39000 in twelve years.  9.4c/km for petrol only or 35.04c/km for total cost (which would be less if I drove it more).  

Some of the stats are affected by how I've driven it over the years.  From 2001 to 2006 I was commuting to work in Sydney.  From 2006 to 2007 I was going to Canberra once a month.  From the end of 2007 I stopped driving to work, so usage dropped off dramatically.

And just for fun, here's petrol prices for the past twelve years.  Noting that in recent years, Canberra prices are typically 10-15c/L higher than Sydney, as you can see by the little dips on those last two Sydney purchases in the past month!

Petrol costs

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