Engineering Science

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One of the subjects I did for my HSC was Engineering Science. We did it across the road at the boys school, because as a girls school we didn't *do* such things :) In fact it was the first such co-ed subject, in the years before the two schools ended up merging.

I *loved* this subject. It was a cross between physics, chemistry and technical drawing. The physics part was the most fun. I was very good at the drawing. The "materials" section wasn't as interesting, possibly because we had a different teacher for that part.

The most fun I remember having was a project where we had to design a truss, then build it out of light wood, predict where it would fail, and then load it up with weights until it broke. Many of the trusses actually were so strong we almost ran out of weights! heh. Mine would have held my own weight. I predicted mine was likely to break through a joint rather than a beam, because I figured the joints weren't as strong, being attached with wood glue and light nails. Turned out I was right :)

When it came time to sit the HSC, I had just met my first boyfriend. Being in that early besotted phase, I found it very hard to concentrate on my studies. So much so, that for engineering science, I literally only studied for an hour and a half the day before the exam. But, given my apparent talent for the subject, I managed an examination mark of 85/100, with an assessment mark of 86/100, putting me in the top 10 percentile band in the state. It was my best result, ranking-wise.

So tonight when I was sorting through school notes, I could bring myself to throw out my physics (although this was very hard) and chemistry notes, and most assessments, but I couldn't quite throw out the engineering science notes just yet. Maybe in the next cleanup :)

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