In Other News Part 6 - Damien Birthday Lunch

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This morning headed to Yarralumla to the Oaks Brasserie for a birthday lunch for Damien.  

The cafe is super dog-friendly - they even have a section on the menu for dogs!

Damien Lunch
There was Donkey Kong to be played (sadly the batteries were going, so couldn't see really well enough to play it properly)

Damien Lunch
The usual suspects (lots of others too, just not great photos heh)

Damien Lunch
I had a cheesy spinach calzone which was yummy

Damien Lunch
Damien had an enormous bowl of cheesy wedges

Damien Lunch
The service was a bit sporadic.  Actually it was completely inefficient and some people had finished eating by the time other people got food.  But they did very nicely split the bill up, even though it said on their menus they don't do that.  So that was nice of them.

We sat outside which was lovely in the sun, although a little chilly when clouds came over.

Lovely lunch catchup, happy birthday Damien! :)

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