Trying to scratch out a pleasant, simple tune without breaking my neck

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Weird day today.  Next to no sleep, maybe a couple of hours.  Power tripped during the storm.  Got home and reset everything.  Then everything turned off again.  Bit of a bang.  Looked out the window to a little plume of smoke rising into the sky.  Things don't work when people let the smoke out.  So figured out how to open the garage door manually and headed to ANU with Theatre-Buddy-Dave to see Fiddler on the Roof which we'd seen advertised at work.  It was a pretty good production and my legs weren't even too restless.  Parking at ANU is mental.  Was glad I was super early getting out of the house, cause otherwise I would have been super late.. Power wasn't off for too long which was good.  Was half expecting it to still be off.  So that was good.

Eighteen months ago today we explored the Scottish Highlands north and west of Fort William.

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